A unique pearl in the sea

Our opening hours

May to September/October.

Experience Ona Havstuer – a gem in the open sea, with a stunning location right next to the ferry dock and a beautiful view of the ocean. Here, you can enjoy the season from May to September/October.

Hotellrom på Ona Havstuer
Leilighet med god plass
Hotellrom på Ona
Leilighet på Ona Havstuer

Double rooms and apartments

5 apartments
4 double rooms

At Ona we have apartments and hotel rooms with a total of 30 beds. All of them satisfy our times’ demands for comfort, while at the same time they are furnished in a style that suits the buildings. This reinforces the feeling of experiencing Ona when far more people lived out here than there are today.

Hotellrom på Ona Havstuer
Charming hotel rooms with beautiful view from your bed
Et baderom på ved Ona Havstuer
Hotellrom på Ona
Leilighet på Ona Havstuer
Hotellrom på Ona
Baderom på Ona Havstuer
Hotellrom på Ona Havstuer

Restaurant Ona

Ona Havstuer is a popular place when something is to be celebrated and here we can cater for up to 60 people. A company out here is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. The restaurant is open during the summer season, but outside of this we open for pre-booked groups.

Set table in Restaurant Ona
Uteservering på Ona Havstuer

History – Fishing weather for many hundreds of years

The island of ONA, furthest out on the Romsdal coast, was a fishing village for many hundreds of years. In 1867, Ona Lighthouse was commissioned, one of the many lighthouses along our long coast, also one of the most famous. Ona fishing village was first owned by the King’s “crown estate”.
In 1728, the “Væreierlawen” came into force and the fishing village passed into private ownership. Ona had a number of van owners until 1902 when the van owner scheme ended. Ona also has long traditions as a loading station. In 1870 there were 6 pilots at Ona pilot station.
At most, more than 300 permanent residents lived on Ona and Husøy (bridge connection). There was a fish reception, the country’s southernmost rockfish weather and several shops. During the fishing seasons, the population was greatly increased with fishermen who came from the fjord villages and fished from ror buoys in the fishing village.

Today, there is still a settlement at Ona, approx. 20 permanent residents.



Tea or coffee maker
Own shower/toilet
Free Wi-Fi

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Right by the sea
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